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Our Space

Our space is where we meet, keep our tools and do really stuff. Hopefully this will give you some background of where we are located, what we have in terms of equipment and where everything is.


The location of Chatt*lab is in the Hamilton County Business Development Center at the corner of Cherokee Blvd and Manufacturers.


Our address is: Chatt*lab Makerspace
100 Cherokee Blvd; STE 125
Chattanooga, TN 37405

How to get to our door

The easiest way to get to our door is to access the BDC lot from the Manufacturers entrance. Very close to that entrance you'll see a loading dock. Take the steps up that loading dock and you'll see our door to the left. Please note that you can't park in the BDC lot during business hours without a parking pass. See Parking for more info on this.


Parking is one of the most common questions we have to answer. The BDC parking lot is by permit only during business hours. After 5pm or on weekends, it is okay to park there. You won't be towed. During business hours there are other alternatives including the triangle lot across the railroad tracks (near FoodWorks), the Republic Parking lot which you can stay all day for $5. But Please do not park in the BDC lot during business hours. You will get towed, and our landlords will not be happy. We want to be honorable tenants.

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Space Layout


DescriptionWoodshopMetal ShopCraftingElectronicsAdvanced Manufacturing
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Here are some details of our space. It's 3,000 square feet and has the following areas:

  • Meeting Space “Chat” Lab
  • Metal Lab
  • Loading Bay
  • Corridor
  • Office
  • Storage

Meeting Space

This general area is where we meet, watch movies, host LAN parties, teach workshops or work on projects at a table or workbench. The configuration can change from time to time. Here are some of the features of this space:

  • Tables - The tables can be moved or removed as needed. Please make sure they're clean after you're done.
  • Workbenches - These benches allow for more robust work. One of them is used primarily for soldering and electronics.
  • Shelves - Our shelves have tools and materials available for member use. Return tools to their proper location.
  • Front Projector - There is a projector for multimedia presentations. See here for instructions.
  • Side Projector - There is another projector for an additional screen. See here for instructions.
  • Soundbar Audio system - The soundbar can be used for presentations or just cranking tunes. Instructions.
  • Fire Cabinet - All highly combustible items is to be stored in our flame cabinet. Keep door closed when not using.

Metal Lab

This room is where we do our metal work using some specialized equipment. Check the Metal Shop department for the equipment available.

Grizzly G4000 Metal Lathe

Loading Bay

This area is where we

  • Load large items from the street that are wider than 3 feet.
  • Store some of our long metal stock.
  • Do our general welding
  • Do our painting and staining of things that stink (stains, spray paint, etc).

When welding or painting/staining, there's a sliding door that can be pulled closed to prevent dangerous arcs from damaging others' eyes and to keep the smell limited to that area. The door can be opened as necessary to get fresh air to the person working.


The Corridor is just a pass through from the BDC hallway to the main space, but we utilize part of this area for several items including

  • Snacks

    Our Snacks are purchased from bulk suppliers and sold at or near cost. We don't have a formal snack machine, so things are laid out for purchase with the honor system. There's a bucket for bills, and a bucket for change. The soda machine charges 50 cents per can.

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  • Card Catalog

    Here we have all kinds of consumables used here and there. The index below may help locate what you're looking for in the drawers

    Duct Tape53
    Zip Ties52
    R1Door Parts TheadlockEpoxyGlueIndex Cards
    R2 String Hot Glue GunsSuper GlueGorilla Glue
    R3 Avery LabelsHot Glue SticksMagnetsRubber Bands
    R4 Ziplock BagsPost-it NotesCable TiesDymo Labels
    R5Nitrile GlovesBatteriesWood PencilsStaples SmallDuct TapeSteel Wool
    R6 Tacks BrushesScissorsDry Erase MarkersAluminum TapePens
    R7ShimsAltoids TinsT-bolts and Knobs Double Stick TapeColor Markers
    R8Sanding DisksSanding PadsSilica Gel Packs Scotch TapeSharpies
    R9 Easter EggsTape1/4“ HeatshrinkHeatShrink Tubing
    R10 Electrical Tape
    R11 Straws
    R12 Fire Extenguishers SignPacking Tape

    Label doc: cardcataloglabels.xlsx

    2017/08/28 15:14
  • Member Storage. Each member is supplied a 27 gallon bin to keep their personal property and supplies. If you don't have yours yet, look for an empty bin with a blank label on it and write your name on it.
  • Pull-A-Part salvage yard. These shelves contain parts that we have been given, salvaged or dumpster dived. All parts are for your projects. Take it and make it.


Our woodshop is our largest dedicated space mostly in part to the amount of the equipment and the nature of the equipment being large. It also helps us contain the sawdust and fine dust from the rest of the space somewhat.

The Equipment we have there includes:

  • Grizzly Cabinet Saw

    The “Griz” gets used more than any other woodworking tool we have. We have several jigs that helps including a tenoning jig and some cross cut sleds. We have dust collection that gets most of the dust from the saw, but some always gets out of the blade, therefore, safety glasses are ALWAYS required.

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  • Large CNC

    put info on our CNC here.

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  • Ryobi Chopsaw

    put info on our Chopsaw here.

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  • Delta Drill Press

    put info on our drill press here.

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  • Router Table

    put info on our Router Table here.

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  • Dust Collector

    Our dust collector is designed to capture the majority of the dust our larger sawdust making machines. It uses a Harbor Freight system that has been modified to incorporate Oneida Systems Super Dust Deputy cyclone to capture most of the debris, and a Wynn Environmental MERV 15 air filter to keep the fine particulates down.

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    2017/08/28 15:14
2017/08/28 15:14


The Fablab is where we have our advanced manufacturing stuff (3D printer(s), vinyl cutter and laser cutter(s)). 24 inch Vinyl Cutter

2017/08/28 15:14


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