Parking is one of the most common questions we have to answer. The BDC parking lot is by permit only during business hours. After 5pm or on weekends, it is okay to park there. You won't be towed. During business hours there are other alternatives including the triangle lot across the railroad tracks (near FoodWorks), the Republic Parking lot which you can stay all day for $6. But Please do not park in the BDC lot during business hours. You will get towed, and our landlords will not be happy. We want to be honorable tenants.

Parking Map

In the following map note that:

Yellow is BDC parking and is only available at off-business hours (after 5pm, or on weekends).
Blue is Paid parking. $1 for 2 hours, or $5 for all day.
Green is free parking.

Paid parking isn't that expensive: