ChattLab Membership

Here are the details of ChattLab membership.


Our members pay a recurring $60 per month which goes to pay for rent, insurance and equipment maintenance and upgrades. We do offer a discounted rate for full time college students as well as a family rate of $90 for a member and a family member. There is also a discounted rate for BDC tenants of $40/month, though their membership does not include member storage, voting privileges or use of free consumables.


Our members get the following benefits:

  • Knowledge that they are supporting our Makerspace!
  • 24-7 RFID access to our workshop and access to all of our equipment (some equipment requires training before use).
  • Discounted workshops (pretty much at cost).
  • Member storage bin provided to keep their personal tools and materials.
  • Voting privileges to help us make decisions on the direction of our club.
  • Free internet access while at the space.


Membership at our space does come with some general responsibilities:

  • Regular payments of dues.
  • Cleaning up after themselves.
  • Helping to improve and grow the community.
  • Voting and running for office as needed.

Who we want as members

We are interested in attracting bright individuals that like to share, learn and improve themselves and our space. We have some great equipment that attracts a lot of interest, but we want people that not only use the equipment, but come to our open meetings to help us discuss what direction we take Chattlab. Also, people that like to help improve the space building jigs, construction projects and other things that make our space more enjoyable. Everything you see at our space was built and set up by our members. We want participants, not “clients”, if that makes sense.

We also request that each new member within a one year's time, produces a creation to display at our space. Some examples are here: Maker Marks

How to become a member

By our bylaws, becoming a member requires sponsorship by another member and signoff from 2 board members. This may sound daunting, but it's really not. Most everyone that comes to our open meetings (every Tuesday around 7pm) and meets “the crew” generally is able to find a person that will nominate you, and the board member signoff is simple as well. Once that hurdle is passed, there's an application form that needs to be filled out, a copy of a state ID presented (and recorded) and recurring payment set up. Detailed steps are spelled out here Joining Steps

For more information, come to our open meetings which happen each week. check out our meetup page for more info.

New Member Onboarding