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Pc-Lab Mission Statement

The PC-Lab provides Computers and working spaces to help facilitate classes and projects that further the ChattLab Mission statement. Secondarily we like to have the lab for a co-working space where you can catch up on some work. Finally, it's a great place to hang!

The PC-Lab provides the following services.

  1. Classroom Services (With Computers, Working areas and possible future soldering / electronic stations)
  2. Co-working space (A place to setup your laptop or use a Chatt-Lab workstation) This is secondary to the primary function. During classes you may be asked to leave
  3. Hanging area ( A place to chill ) ** This is tertiary to all other functions. If your activity is disturbing to the other two functions, you may be asked to leave until they are complete.
  4. Group - Entertainment time to hang while playing video games, watching movies or other activities.


  • Do not leave trash in the PC Lab!
  • If you are working on a project and must leave, please leave a dated note to prevent others from disturbing it. If a project is without a note, has been left longer that 48 hours, or is an obstruction to others' projects, it may be moved.
  • Leave the existing workstations in the same state as they were before you used them. Software updates and new software for your projects are fine. If a new program starts an item on boot, please disable it.
  • Report any maintenance issues as soon as possible. This includes the facility, hardware and software.
  • If you wish to use other operating systems, only run them off removable media. The PCs have software that is expensive and its integrity should be respected.
  • Do not use the PCs to view pornographic material. Neither members nor their guests should be made to feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not set the heat higher than 25C. This is to prevent damage to hardware and ensure the comfort of members.

Clean Up

  • Return chairs to the workstations if you move them.
  • Leave a clear area for others to work on repair if you are working on a hardware project.
  • If you see trash, throw it out, even if it is not yours.
  • If something presents a trip hazard, please move it.
  • Turn off the lights if you are the last person to leave.


PC Lab Computers

Computer RAM HDD GPU Model Service Tag Benchmark
Picard 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB GTX 650 Sleeper N/A 500
Riker 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Quadro K620 Optiplex 7010 2L8QCZ1 500
Data 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Quadro K620 Optiplex 7010 2KPRCZ1 500
Troi 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Quadro K620 Optiplex 7010 3F0BP22 500
Worf 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Quadro K620 Optiplex 7010 5T1DFZ1 500
Crusher 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Integrated Optiplex 7010 2W08X12 500
LaForge 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Integrated Optiplex 7010 2KQRCZ1 500
Gunan 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Integrated Optiplex 7010 6G07BZ1 500
Q 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Integrated Optiplex 7010 70Y4BZ1 500
Yar 4GB, PC3-128000 250GB Integrated Optiplex 7010 F9DQCZ1 500

2020/07/12 21:17


  • laser printer
  • color poster printer
2020/06/11 01:28 · jeff_bedard

Audio Booth

Welcome to the very beginning of our audio booth! We have a custom built audio amp (made by Jonathan) with two Sony desktop speakers and large diaphragm condenser mic. For software, we have Reaper.fm and Audacity loaded on a dedicated PC ready to take your tracks.

2023/11/16 23:57 · dan_evans

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