Our Systems

These pages outline our current systems of where our data is represented in the space, the cloud and elsewhere.

Member Maintenance

Our current member tracking software is memberplanet.com. Jeff is the current administrator of this account. Jason and Lee are also administrators on the account. It does a decent job of tracking our member data. You can add new fields, allow member entry of data

Asset Tracking

For asset tracking we use Asset Tiger (assettiger.com)

RFID System

For this information, talk to Jason or Jeff

Social Media




need more info


need more info


Our Slack channel is chattlab.slack.com. To request access, go to https://chattlab.slack.com/signup

Email list

We currently use google groups email for our members list and public list. If you're a member, you should already be on the member list, chattlab-members@googlegroups.com. The public list that anyone can join, is chattlab-list@googlegroups.com


Our paypal and bank information is known by Jeff and Jason.

Document Storage

We use a combination of sites for document storage, though we will probably consolidate at some point


See Jeff for access of this info.

Google Drive

See Jeff for access of this info.

Wiki Page

We use DokuWiki for our wiki page. It's what you are looking at right now.

For an account to be able to update this wiki (limited to members, and highly encouraged), contact Jeff or Jason.

For formatting tips and tricks, refer to the DokuWiki Manual Good stuff there.

Also, if you see anything wrong, out of date or whatever, please contact wiki@chattlab.org