Card Catalog

Here we have all kinds of consumables used here and there. The index below may help locate what you're looking for in the drawers

Duct Tape53
Zip Ties52
R1Door Parts TheadlockEpoxyGlueIndex Cards
R2 String Hot Glue GunsSuper GlueGorilla Glue
R3 Avery LabelsHot Glue SticksMagnetsRubber Bands
R4 Ziplock BagsPost-it NotesCable TiesDymo Labels
R5Nitrile GlovesBatteriesWood PencilsStaples SmallDuct TapeSteel Wool
R6 Tacks BrushesScissorsDry Erase MarkersAluminum TapePens
R7ShimsAltoids TinsT-bolts and Knobs Double Stick TapeColor Markers
R8Sanding DisksSanding PadsSilica Gel Packs Scotch TapeSharpies
R9 Easter EggsTape1/4“ HeatshrinkHeatShrink Tubing
R10 Electrical Tape
R11 Straws
R12 Fire Extenguishers SignPacking Tape

Label doc: cardcataloglabels.xlsx