Chatt*Lab's Leadership | 2022

There are 3 areas of Leadership at Chatt*Lab:

  1. Board of Directors - Elected participants that help decide Chatt*Lab's direction
  2. Officers - Elected participants that carry out specific duties.
  3. Area Leads- Volunteers that help manage one of our 6 functional areas.

Board of Directors

Chatt*Lab has 7 Board of Directors serving in 2022. More information on Directorship can be found in our Bylaws. They are:

Jason Brown

Jason is a co-founder of Chattlab and has been in the combat robot building community since 1992 and has served on the ChattLab board since inception. He has appeared on the TV show BattleBots with the robot Bombshell in 2016, 2018, and 2019. Jason's making experience consists of just a little of everything, woodworking, sewing, robotics, machining, 3d printing, welding, electronics, high voltage, pyrotechnics, programming, etc…

Jeff Johnson

Jeff is a Chattanooga native and has been involved in the makerspace/hackerspace community since 2010. His interests include woodworking and laser cutting.

Pat Johnson

Meghan Phillips

Kate Warren

Kate moved to Chattanooga from Houston, Texas in 2004 and has been involved in organizing events, making art cars and art bikes since 2010. Her interests include welding, graphic design, photography and laser cutting.

Tim Youngblood

Tim is the OG Founder of Chatt*lab in 2010 when he relocated to Chattanooga and opened his garage space near St. Elmo to anyone with an idea who needed space to see it realized. From very meager beginnings and a few moves, he got busy with personal stuff back in 2015, handing the baton to Jeff and Jason, who then took the space to a whole new level with their hard work and intelligence which continues to this very day.

He is a single dad to twins, a serial entrepreneur, software developer and team builder. He loves people. He really enjoys anything motorized, especially electrically so, and art, especially the 3D kind. Loves metal fab which is where he is happiest. Must be exposed to sunshine daily and regularly watered between vertical cave trips. Has lists of lists of projects. Looks mean but actually has a soft, nougaty center.


Chatt*Lab's Officers for 2022 are listed below. :

PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer

Jeff Johnson

Kate Warren

Pat Johnson

Area Leads

Functional Area Area Lead Area Co-Lead

Chris Loizeaux

Beth Lilley


Jonathan Snyder


HC Lilley

Bradley Madaris



Kate Warren


Pat Johnson

Corban Morse