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Chatt*lab Forms

The following list are forms available to use, based on your need:

  • Chatt*lab Membership Application. Thinking about joining? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you.
  • Service Member Application. This is for a needs-based person that wants to volunteer 12 hours a week at the space working on assignments. It is limited to 2 individuals at one time and is subject by review of the Chatt*lab board of directors.
  • Name Tag Request. This is for members to request a custom laser cut name tag.
  • release_18_.pdf Adult Liability Waiver. All adults that are in the space should have one of these documents printed and signed.
  • Chatt*lab Space Work Update. Did you make an improvement at the space? Let us know about it.
  • Equipment Request. Please use this to request new materials or tools OR SNACKS.
  • Items to Move. This is for our big move .
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