Chatt*lab Member Onboarding

Starting in 2017, new members should go through an onboarding process that ensures they have the tools and access they need to be a good Chattlab member, understand the culture as well as our general policies.


The following member and administration items need to be performed as part of new member setup:

Candidate To Do
  • Fill out the membership application (or the groupspaces account)
  • Fill out your name tag form. This is optional, but recommended.
  • Provide a copy of your state id to Chatt*lab.
  • Sign up with meetup (optional, but recommended)
Chatt*lab Administration To Do
  • Assign a member number, enter information into groupspaces database.
  • Verify payment received.
  • Record state id number
  • Assign a member storage bin.
  • Add user to chattlab-members email group.
  • Collect signed waiver and put in file.
  • Assign member their RFID.
  • Schedule a time for member orientation.


  • Go over our Policies
  • There is no uptime guarantee on equipment - we all work on it.
  • Ways to help out. Trash, vending machines, etc.
  • Email list, what's involved; slack; be active.
  • No discussion of politics or religion.
  • We're a 501©3 educational non-profit. Nobody makes a profit.
  • Don't use pallets in the woodshop
  • Various managers for respective labs.
  • go through the wiki
  • Amazon smile
  • Orientations
  • Don't go to Jeff every time
  • Don't store materials in a corner.
  • Don't paint/stain in space with high VOC materials - Use paint booth.
  • Wifi password is buildstuff, provided by EPB.
  • Fridge rules.
  • We also request that each new member within a one year's time, produces a creation to display at our space. Some examples are here: Maker Marks
  • Always return your bin to the shelf, or your stuff can be lost.
  • There are ways you can lose your membership, as defined here: How to Lose membership Privileges
  • Members can see additional policies here: