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Tim Youngblood


Tim is the OG Founder of Chatt*lab in 2010 when he relocated to Chattanooga and opened his garage space near St. Elmo to anyone with an idea who needed space to see it realized. From very meager beginnings and a few moves, he got busy with personal stuff back in 2015, handing the baton to Jeff and Jason, who then took the space to a whole new level with their hard work and intelligence which continues to this very day.

He is a single dad to twins, a serial entrepreneur, software developer and team builder. He loves people. He really enjoys anything motorized, especially electrically so, and art, especially the 3D kind. Loves metal fab which is where he is happiest. Must be exposed to sunshine daily and regularly watered between vertical cave trips. Has lists of lists of projects. Looks mean but actually has a soft, nougaty center.


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