General Policies

Here are some of our general policies regarding how we operate and rules we've established.


ChattLab is a dynamic space with potential hazards requiring a mature attitude towards safety. Due to the nature of this environment (and the extra precaution required) unattended minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from Chatt*lab, except when accompanied by a legal guardian.

When accompanied by a legal guardian, minors must have a Waiver filled out by that guardian or workshop instructor that has agreed to accept responsibility for them.

Although Chatt*lab allows accompanied minors, keep in mind that we do not make any effort to maintain a child-friendly environment.


It's every member's (and their guests) responsibility to clean up their mess which includes putting up tools, sweeping up sawdust and putting their personal property up.

Also, the trash doesn't get taken out by itself. It's everyone's responsibility to help take it out.

When using the woodshop and making dust, be sure to use the dust collection AND the ambient air cleaners to keep dust down and out of everyone's lungs.


For most activities, you should plan to bring your own consumables. Chatt*lab has an ample supply of basic needs, but anything large or specialized will not likely be found at the space.

There is a boneyard shelf in the hallway containing all kinds of free stuff. Items such as tape, glue, zip-ties, soldering equipment (i.e. flux, solder), hot-glue, and wiggle-eyes are also free and are in the card catalog.

Filament for the 3D printer costs $0.10 a gram. There is a scale next to the 3D printer to weigh your prints. You must pay for your plastic, even if your part is a disastrous failure! This fee helps pay for maintenance and plastic.

The laser cutter is free for non-commercial purposes, and $1 per minute for commercial purposes. More details can be found on the page for the Full Spectrum Laser. Scrap material for the laser is located underneath the table.

Scrap wood are in the woodshop and should be marked as such. Any wood with a red or yellow dot is not available for your use.

Items in the boneyard are also free.

Snacks and drinks are located in the hallway near the inner door. Drinks are 50 cents, and the snacks are priced accordingly. The snacks are paid for by the honor system. One bin for cash, another for change.


Firearms and manufacture (or modification) of firearms are not permitted in the BDC and thus not permitted in our makerspace. Engraving of a firearm is permitted provided it is approved by the makerspace leadership prior to being brought in the building.


It's everyone's responsibility to be safe when operating the tools or machinery.

Safety Glasses

Use safety glasses when using any saw, laser cutter or anything that makes sparks or debris. They are provided for you on the front shelf marked “SAFETY”. Please be sure to use them.

Hearing Protection

We also provide hearing protection for loud saw noises or boy bands on the radio. They are next to the eye projecton.


When carrying heavy plywood or metal, it's smart to protect your hands, so gloves are also provided on the same shelf the safety glasses are located.

First Aid

In the event you do injure yourself, we have a first aid kit located above the sink located along the wall between the craft lab and metal lab.

Eye Wash

Use either of the sinks, An Eye Wash Station is currently not available.

Fire Cabinet

Anything flammable needs to be stored in our flame cabinet. It is a sealed container that has a limited supply of oxygen provided it stays closed. If the door is cracked, you'll here an annoying beeping. This means you need to shut the door snug!


In the event there is a fire, fire extinguishers are located throughout the space. Look for the red “Fire Extinguisher” signs around the space. Our extinguisher locations are marked on the map below. Please take note of them right now so you will have a head start in the event you need one. ADD MAP to do list

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Member Equipment

Many of our members keep equipment at the space both large and small. The small stuff can be kept in their storage bin if it is small enough (and they don't want to make it public). Larger equipment that takes up floor space needs to be approved by the person responsible for that area (if you don't know, contact

If a large piece of equipment (say, a band saw) and is approved for a location, it must be available for all other members to use. It's at the determination of the directors as to whether it is equipment we would agree to maintain. For example, a full spectrum laser cutter on loan to Chatt*lab the organization would agree to replace laser tubes or other pieces that might wear out because it's of great use to the club. However, an antique 18th century cast iron paper cutter would not be considered valuable enough to the club to support if damaged. ChattLab is not responsible for any lost or damaged items unless an agreement in writing is stated beforehand.

Member equipment is tagged in our asset database marking it as to the owner is so future administrations know who the equipment belongs to.

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Steel is stored in the loading bay. Store on racks when possible. Material code rules apply.


Wood is stored in the woodshop, with long stuff on the racks, and sheet goods in the sheet storage area that is near the dust collector. Material code rules apply.

Sheetrock Screws

Flammable Materials

All flammable materials (stains, paint thinners, etc) are to be stored in the flammable materials cabinet that are in the main space. It is absolutely critical that the doors to the cabinet stay closed after you have used it.

Vinyl and Transfer tape

We have some vinyl there for our members, but you must pay for what you use so we can replenish our stores. Vinyl costs $1 per linear foot, and the same for transfer tape. Put money to replace what you use in the box labeled “Vinyl Consumables”.

3D Printer Filament

Space filament is $.10 a gram. All filament used, failed or successful must be weighed and paid for.

Personal Materials

All personal materials are to be stored in the member's 27 gallon tote or any area that the member is paying rent specifically for, such as an extra tote or a material shelf. Any materials left around are subject to disposal.

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Members are allowed, and encouraged to bring guests. No one will hassle you about a non-member being there. However, there are some guidelines we want you to follow.

Guest Limit and Purpose

Guests are limited to 2 people at a time, and must be for a productive purpose such as a space tour, attend an event, working on a project or waiting for you to finish a project. A member's children are the exception to this limit, provided they stay close enough to the children for proper supervision.

Liability Waiver

All guests and visitors MUST sign a liability waiver. They can be found in the top shelf of the filing cabinet by the meeting table. Put the signed waiver in the “signed waivers” slot. They just need to do this once. Future visits don't require a new form provided they've signed one before. If there is a minor, there's a different form.

Member must be present

Don't bring in a guest and leave. If you leave, your guests must go with you.

Clean Up

Just like anyone else, things need to be left cleaner than when they started using them.

All Rules Apply

All rules that apply to members apply to guests, and the member will be held responsible for any rules broken as if performed by the member themselves.

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