Dust Collector


Our dust collector is designed to capture the majority of the dust our larger sawdust making machines. It uses a Harbor Freight system that has been modified to incorporate Oneida Systems Super Dust Deputy cyclone to capture most of the debris, and a Wynn Environmental MERV 15 air filter to keep the fine particulates down.


There is an on switch next to the motor on the wall. Flipping it to the on position will turn on the collection system. To make sure it is working at full functionality, close all unneeded gates and open it for the equipment you plan on using. See the specific collection instructions for the equipment we have connected (listed below).

Table Saw

The 4 inch hose on floor on the right side needs to be connected to the 4 inch port that is on the corner. When not in use, close this port by putting the cap on the port.

Chop Saw

The compound miter saw is piped to two locations underneath. The bottom gate (blue box in picture) should be open, and the the port directly under the saw has a separate gate (the yellow box in picture). This can be optionally open or closed depending if you want to use the hose independently for general cleanup.