EPB Employee Discount at ChattLab Makerspace

ChattLab Makerspace and EPB have had a positive relationship since ChattLab's opening in 2017. EPB recognizes the benefit of a member run makerspace in Chattanooga and has provided us with quality fiber optic internet service from our initial start in 2017.

As a way to say thank you to epb as an organization, ChattLab offers a 25% membership discount to epb employees. Our normal rate of $60/month is reduced to $45/month.

What is ChattLab Makerspace?

We're Chattanooga's only member run makerspace where members get access to 5,500 square feet of shared “create-space” to make, invent, collaborate and network with other makers. We're part of the Chamber of Commerce's INCubator program in the Business Development Center.

More info:

How do I get more information?

We have open house meetings every Tuesday at 7pm where you can come, meet other makers in a friendly inclusive environment. You won't get a hard sell on joining, we're a “join if you want to” kind of place. For directions and RSVP information, see meetup.com for how to attend an open meeting. Hopefully we can answer any other questions you have there, or you can email info@chattlab.org to inquire via email.

How do I join and get my Discount?

We have an application process to become a member of our organization, which is described here: Joining Steps. In the application comments, mention that you are an EPB employee and the payment link we will send you will have the 25% discount.