ChattLab Youtube Content

ChattLab Makerspace has a youtube channel where we upload content that serves the following purposes:

  1. Provide updates and how-to's to our members
  2. To show off what our members have made
  3. To talk generally about makerspaces.
  4. To make major announcements or thank a local provider or donor.

Frequently Asked Youtube Questions

Youtube Channel

Question Answer/Reference
Does ChattLab monetize it's youtube channel? We don't monetize our content at this time, as we don't have the time or resources to dedicate to this purpose, though if a following gets large enough we might, but currently we do not.
Should I subscribe? If you are a member, or interested in our makerspace, you are encouraged to subscribe, as new videos that we submit will appear in your youtube feed. It's not a requirement, but highly recommended.
How do I subscribe? You can go directly to our channel and subscribe, or you can hit this link: SUBSCRIBE
Can I submit a video to the ChattLab channel? If it falls within the guidelines of our goals/mission of the channel and is approved by leadership, certainly.
Who is the youtube video manager? Currently we don't have one. If you are an active member in good standing and would like to take on this role, please contact the president to ask about the benefits of this.

2020/06/24 18:18 · admin