Yellow Card Peer Review Process

When a member has been issued a Yellow Card they are entitled to a peer review upon request.

A peer review panel is made up of your peers*. None of the members on the peer review panel can have been involved in the incident or have a conflict of interest.

The panel is provided all reports and records, a copy of the complaint if any, any available security footage or witness accounts. They may also be provided with any impact statements from members. They meet with the member who has been given a Yellow Card for a discussion for up to 30 min. The purpose of the meeting is to ask questions and to hear from the Yellow Carded member.

After that, the panel meets among themselves for an additional 30 min. to decide the outcome. There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • The member’s privileges are reinstated.
  • The member’s privileges are reinstated based on certain conditions being met. These conditions related directly to plans, strategies, supports, and education related to learning to not repeat the problematic behavior. Conditions may also include public apologies for the problematic behavior or other transparent commitments to the community.
  • The member’s privileges are permanently revoked and they are issued a Red Card.

Once the panel has reached a decision, they inform the leadership team. The leadership team informs the member within 10 days of the review of the outcome.

*Full members in the corporation are subject to a review process. Their review panel will be made of board members.