Wiki Resource List


Here are some links to the basics of editing information on our wiki:

Formatting Syntax- All the basics of the markup language, though some of it can appear somewhat advanced.

Creating a page - Simply put in the address , where new_page is the page you want to create. When you see the “Page Does not Exist”, just edit the page and enter your markup text. Save. NOTE, if your page is to be in a defined namespace you'll want to use the address similar to:

Deleting a page - Simply edit the page, and delete on the markup language on the page and it save.

Advanced Topics

Page Include Flags - Do you want to have a page (or part of a page) linked into a document? This is the reference page for it that shows you what flags you can use.

Table Syntax/Formatting - This helps you with formatting table data.

Table Generator - Do you want to make a complicated table with spanning rows or columns? This link will help you figure that out.

Edit Sidebar - This link will put you in the edit mode for the sidebar of our wiki.