Chatt*lab Special Project Funding (SPF)

February 20, 2018 - The board of directors of Chatt*lab is pleased to announce a new program that allows Chatt*lab members the ability to nominate projects to fund from allocated membership dues. Since we are in the black and starting to accrue extra income through our membership contributions, we are adopting a program where members can optionally allocate a small portion of their membership towards projects that the members promote to the group.

The current allocation percentage for 2018 will be 10%, or $5 from a $50 membership, or $2.50 from a family/student membership. These funds will be allocated on a monthly basis to accrue towards approved projects. Members who have prepaid their membership will have their fund allocation applied on a monthly basis based on a per month value of their contribution.

Members can also throw in an amount above and beyond their existing 10% if they like, they can also increase their monthly paypal amount with the excess over their membership being applied to their allocation along with their base 10%. So if a member wants to increase their recurring payment to $60, they would be able to allocate $15 per month towards projects actively seeking funds.

Example projects could be something like

  • Bike repair station
  • Nice workstation and LCD for a solidworks computer
  • Set of Arduino kits for workshops
  • Big laser cutter
  • A walking robot
  • Large format printer
  • Rolls of PLA for Prusa printer

How it works

Project Nomination.

A member can suggest a project to the group via the email list providing the following information:

  1. Project description: (e.g. “A bike repair station”)
  2. Proposed budget amount with a breakdown of costs. The member can propose a basic amount and a “reach” amount, which can cover a basic solution, and the ultimate solution.
  3. A deadline to receive funds by. The project has to be funded by this target date.
  4. A list of other member sponsors and perhaps a project team. Basically, who is going to see this through and implement it.

Group Discussion.

The project put forward can be discussed in the open meeting(s) and email list over a 7 day period after which a vote will be requested by the board, or when a sponsoring member calls for a vote prior to the 7 day period. During this period, the proposed project budget can be altered by the sponsoring member based on member input, or possible materials that might be donated towards the project.

Member Acceptance.

If 5 or more members vote yes on the project (via email or voice vote), the project is adopted and is on the approved list.

Member Allocations

Members can indicate to the Chatt*lab treasurer a breakdown of what projects they want to support on a percentage basis. This amount will carry forward each month until they change it, a project is fully funded, or a project is rescinded for any reason. In the event a project is rescinded, the member can allocate those funds to another approved project, otherwise they will remain part of the club coffers.

Monthly Updates

The treasurer is responsible for tracking the allocations each month and reporting to the club the current state of each project.

Project Funded (or not)

If and when a project meets it’s goal, the treasurer will use the designated funds to purchase the item(s) or reimburse the member based on receipts. If the project never reaches it’s original goal by the original stated project goal date, then the funds will either be funded to other projects (as designated by members who contributed) or the funds will be kept within Chatt*lab. The project sponsor has the right to petition the board for allocation of additional funds to meet the goal, a reduction in the original budget goal, or both. The board would meet to decide by majority vote of the board members at the next board meeting.


The end project, tool or asset will become the property of Chatt*lab and would not be considered anyone’s personal property.

The board reserves the right to veto any project if it is deemed too dangerous, anything that might violate our lease or can threaten our 501©3 status (such as a political or religious things), that unnecessarily duplicates existing space features, or deemed in poor taste.

This program is subject to review on a monthly basis and can be eliminated if it is determined that we don’t have the funds to continue it due to any unexpected club costs, or changes in club revenue due to membership reduction.

Current Projects

At this time, there are currently no nominated or approved projects.