It's everyone's responsibility to be safe when operating the tools or machinery.

Safety Glasses

Use safety glasses when using any saw, laser cutter or anything that makes sparks or debris. They are provided for you on the front shelf marked “SAFETY”. Please be sure to use them.

Hearing Protection

We also provide hearing protection for loud saw noises or anyone boy band music. They are next to the eye projecton.


When carrying heavy plywood or metal, it's smart to protect your hands, so gloves are also provided on the same shelf the safety glasses are located.

First Aid

In the event you do injure yourself, we have a first aid kit located in our office. It should have anything you should require, including tourniquets.

Eye Wash

Hopefully you know this before you actually need it, as you probably won't be able to read this with debris in your peepers, but we have an eyewash station located on the side of our fire cabinet.

Fire Cabinet

Anything flammable needs to be stored in our flame cabinet. It is a sealed container that has a limited supply of oxygen provided it stays closed. If the door is cracked, you'll here an annoying beeping. This means you need to shut the door snug!


In the event there is a fire, fire extinguishers are located throughout the space. Look for the red “Fire Extinguisher” signs around the space. Our extinguisher locations are marked on the map below. Please take note of them right now so you will have a head start in the event you need one. ADD MAP to do list