Bradley Madaris




  • Member since November 2021
  • FabLab Area Lead


Bradley has worked in the maker/creative industry for going on 4 years now. He currently fabricates 3D printing filament at LayerWorks Solutions, a local startup in Chattanooga, TN, that sources raw materials locally in Tennessee, as well as across the US, and has slowly helped bring awareness to supporting local businesses.

As part of the maker community, Bradley has worked hard to promote and maintain open source projects and support the local 3D printing community. He has earned multiple accolades and awards, such as Service Excellence from Apple, including certification as well (Apple Certified iOS Technician, Apple Certified Mac Technician, Mac Integration Basics, Apple Certified Service Professional).

Bradley lives in Chattanooga with his 4 cats. When he isn’t working hard at LayerWorks, you’ll find him 3D printing, tending to his collection of tropical plants, reading or sleeping. Shhhhh~!


  • OctoFarm Integration (WIP)
  • Wiki Revamp (WIP)



This is a link to my calendar that will show events, conventions and other things I'm participating in. It simply will help prevent overlapping and conflicting schedules with people I've set up with. If you wish to have me attend an event/convention/etc., please get with me so I can add it to my calendar.


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