Member Equipment

Many of our members keep equipment at the space both large and small. The small stuff can be kept in their storage bin if it is small enough (and they don't want to make it public). Larger equipment that takes up floor space needs to be approved by the person responsible for that area (if you don't know, contact

If a large piece of equipment (say, a band saw) and is approved for a location, it must be available for all other members to use. It's at the determination of the directors as to whether it is equipment we would agree to maintain. For example, a full spectrum laser cutter on loan to Chatt*lab the organization would agree to replace laser tubes or other pieces that might wear out because it's of great use to the club. However, an antique 18th century cast iron paper cutter would not be considered valuable enough to the club to support if damaged. ChattLab is not responsible for any lost or damaged items unless an agreement in writing is stated beforehand.

Member equipment is tagged in our asset database marking it as to the owner is so future administrations know who the equipment belongs to.