There are several materials around the space, fasteners, lumber, steel, etc. Some are available for use, others aren't. We use a color code system to indicate if they are reserved or available. See the color code chart for details. DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR INITIALS ON RED OR BLUE STICKERS.


Steel is stored in the loading bay. Store on racks when possible. Material code rules apply.


Wood is stored in the woodshop, with long stuff on the racks, and sheet goods in the sheet storage area that is near the dust collector. Material code rules apply.

Sheetrock Screws

We have lots of sheetrock screws that can be be used on wood projects. They're on the shelf labeled “fasteners” and are in plastic ammo cases. These (unless marked otherwise) are available for free.

Flammable Materials

All flammable materials (stains, paint thinners, etc) are to be stored in the flammable materials cabinet that are in the main space. It is absolutely critical that the doors to the cabinet stay closed after you have used it.

Vinyl and Transfer tape

We have some vinyl there for our members, but you must pay for what you use so we can replenish our stores. Vinyl costs $1 per linear foot, and the same for transfer tape. Put money to replace what you use in the box labeled “Vinyl Consumables”.

3D Printer Filament

Space filament is $.10 a gram. All filament used, failed or successful must be weighed and paid for.