Kitchen Rules

The following is a list of rules for using the kitchen area. These are intended to define what you can and shouldn't do, and to set expectations and hopefully settle any disputes before they happen.

If you have a suggestion for a change in the rules or have an exception you wish to address, send an email to Jeff.


  1. Basically, leave the area the way you found it.
  2. Please help us enforce these rules. If you see someone violating these courtesy rules, please let us know.
  3. Read and follow all signs in the kitchen.

Food Storage

  1. Please limit any personal items in the fridge for immediate use. Don't leave items there for more than 5 days. Anything left more than 5 days will be disposed.
  2. Respect other people’s labeled foods.
  3. Any personal items (for your lunch, dinner, etc) should be marked AND dated. Anything not marked or dated will be considered community property.
  4. Any condiments stored in the fridge will be considered public use. We have too many members for anyone to store their own bottle of jelly or hot sauce.
  5. Any food stored in the pantries is considered communal property. If you have something non-refrigerated you don't wish to share, keep it in your personal bin.
  6. The freezer next to the Coke machine is for sale items only, please don't put any items that aren't for people to purchase and consume.
  7. Tuesday is the dump day. Let’s ensure we don’t have a skunky fridge with forgotten food in there for weeks. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge all week, but if they are there at the end of the day on Thursday, they will be tossed. If you don’t want something thrown out, please leave a post saying “Do Not Throw” on the item.

Food Preparation

  1. We do not have a garbage disposal, do not put food down the sink.
  2. Do NOT put grease down the sink. Find a can or other container that you can pour the grease in and hopefully bag it prior to disposal. PLAN AHEAD for this.
  3. Do not cook fish in the microwave, and do NOT cook fish in the microwave.
  4. It shouldn't need to be said, but clean up all food scraps that you produce and wipe down counters.
  5. Any grease spilled on stove/oven needs to be cleaned.
  6. Wipe out the microwave after use particularly if your food splattered inside.
  7. Wash all dishes that you use, but do not leave them lying in the sink.
  8. Clean up any spills on tables and countertops
  9. If you use a sponge or dish towel, please rinse it out before putting it away.
  10. Sponges are to be used only for dishes. Use washcloths or paper towels to clean other stuff.