Members are allowed, and encouraged to bring guests. No one will hassle you about a non-member being there. However, there are some guidelines we want you to follow.

Guest Limit and Purpose

Guests are limited to 2 people at a time, and must be for a productive purpose such as a space tour, attend an event, working on a project or waiting for you to finish a project. A member's children are the exception to this limit, provided they stay close enough to the children for proper supervision.

Liability Waiver

All guests and visitors MUST sign a liability waiver. Waivers online at the following links, or at the touch screen PC near the meeting table.

  1. All members must complete the liability Waiver: This may be completed online or at the work station PC near the meeting table.

Future visits don't require a new form provided they've signed one before. If there is a minor, there's a different form.

Member must be present

Don't bring in a guest and leave. If you leave, your guests must go with you.

Clean Up

Just like anyone else, things need to be left cleaner than when they started using them.

All Rules Apply

All rules that apply to members apply to guests, and the member will be held responsible for any rules broken as if performed by the member themselves.