Giving Tours to Prospective Members

When you have an opportunity to give a tour of ChattLab to prospective members, please consider the following suggestions when doing so.

  1. Welcome them and ask if they know what a makerspace is. If they don't, tell them what you believe it to be. A simple response is “it's a shared space where members all pay a monthly amount to rent the space, pay for insurance and buy more cool tools.”
  2. Tell them about our 6 “Labs” and walk them through them, giving them your thoughts on each of the areas in a way that you're comfortable with.
  3. As you pass other members that are area leads or help in other areas, try to introduce them and tell them about some contributions (if you know) that the member has helped us with. This is a good way to get across volunteerism and build a comfort with the friendliness of our membership.
  4. If they express an interest in a given area, such as woodworking, express an interest and elaborate more about the area if you can. Answer any questions they may have on the topic with your honest opinions, good or bad. Often times, if its something we lack, the prospect may want to help improve that aspect.
  5. Near the end of the tour, let them know what the membership cost is (currently 60/month), the benefits that they get (24/7 access, 27 gallon tote to hold personal items, discounts on workshops, and voting privileges to help decide the direction of the organization).
  6. Also, give them the info sheet that allows them to get more information.
  7. Answer any questions they have, and be honest. If you think something is bad or lacking, be honest about it, but in the same light, tell them things you like about it.
  8. Be sure to finish with letting them know they can use your name on the sponsor portion of the application if they choose to apply, and try to explain the joining process.
  9. Thank them for their time and invite them to hang around, talk to other members and to walk around if they like.