Craftsman 14" band saws

We currently have two of these saws at ChattLab, both very similar to theother.

Good for cutting curves in wood, or resawing lumber.

The manual can be found here


  • Safety glasses are always required.
  • Hearing protection and dust masks are highly recommended
  • Keep the blade guard down as far as possible, to leave only the necessary amount of the blade exposed for the work you're doing. This can be adjusted by easing off the adjustment screw on the right hand side and using the wheel at the back to adjust the guard up or down. Be sure to right tighten the adjustment screw afterward.
  • Make sure the saw is turned off and unplugged before working on the saw itself

Special Instructions

  • Start the saw.
  • Feed your work into the saw in a controlled fashion, not too quickly.
    • If you find burn marks on your wood, you need to move the wood through the saw a bit more quickly, or reduce the saw speed.
  • Make sure the saw comes to a complete stop before walking away from it.


Attribute Detail
Manufacturer Craftsman
Model 113.243310 and 113.243311
Maximum cutting depth 12 inches
Maximum cutting height Approximately 6 inches
Blade size 80 inches
Power 120 Volt
Owners Dave Alverson, Dennis Martin