Area Roadmaps

This page is used to discuss short term and long term plans for different areas. In some cases there may not be any changes needed.

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Is PPE required while in Chattlab? Yes, we require masks be worn by unvaccinated people at all times when visiting the space.
Is Chattlab open to members during the pandemic? Yes, we are open, but we have limited our public meetings and workshops have a limit of 6 people.
Where can I find more information on ChattLab's COVID-19 Policy? Please see ChattLab's COVID-19 Policy Page

General Chattlab Questions for potential members

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What is the procedure for becoming a Chattlab member?

Steps for Joining

Here are the general procedures for joining Chattlab Makerspace. You are able to cancel at any time.

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Where can I get details on membership including cost, etc? Please see See our Membership section for those details
Can I join for a week or two or possibly one month to do a project? We are more interested in long term members that want to socialize and be part of the maker community, rather than a low cost resource for one-off projects. Member set up and orientation takes a lot of efforts from our volunteers, and we try not to burn out our members for someone that just needs a short term solution. That said, our Tuesday meetings are always open to the public, and we welcome you to come visit us.
What are the general rules/policies of being a member? Please refer to our member manual for this information
Are the Chattlab bylaws spelled out anywhere? Yes. Go here to see our bylaws
Can I come by an open meeting and do a woodworking project? Unfortunately, only our members can use the power tools as a condition of our liability insurance. Besides, our open meeting nights we don't really allow the really loud tools (planer, jointer, routers, saws) to operate due to the noise while people are socializing.
What are your normal hours? I stopped by the other day and there was nobody there to show me around. We are essentially a “club” and do not have any staff. Members have 24/7 access to our space. The best way to see our space is to attend an open meeting (see for how to attend an open meeting.

Member support: How Do I....

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Where do I take out the garbage? There are dumpsters just outside our space in the parking lot. There is a padlock on the dumpsters and the code to open it is “0100”. Please lock the dumpster back when done, and thank you for helping take out refuse!
I need to open the rolling doors in the loading dock. How do I do so? During normal operating hours, the rolling doors can be opened via push buttons to the right of each door. However, the door buttons don't work after 5pm or on weekends without a special RFID key that only Jeff or Jason has. Using it during off hours needs coordination with Jeff or Jason.
I locked my key fob in the space and can't get in. What do I do? Reach out to Jeff, Jason or Chris for instructions how to find the emergency access key
I'm a member in good standing. How do I get a log in to the members only area? Just fill out the Wiki Sign-on Request form.
How do I let someone know that we are out of something (materials, paper goods, snacks, etc)? Please fill out the Equipment Request form.
How do I access the shared drive at ChattLab? Go here to get more information on that: ChattLab Share Drive Access

Craftlab Questions

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CircuitLab Questions

FabLab Questions

MetalLab Questions

WoodLab Questions

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Where can I find the general rules of what I can and can't do in the Woodshop/WoodLab? We have a list of WoodLab Rules posted here, and on the wall in the shop.
What if I have a large project? We have limited space, so when this happens, you need to contact the WoodLab area manager and they will advise you where to put it as you work on it. You'll be asked how large, how long you need space, etc. We try to work with you, but it's not allowed to tie up tables for long term as it's not fair to the other members.
Does the Woodshop have a (planer, jointer, etc…) Look here for what equipment we have in the WoodLab
How do I know what nails to get for the nail guns you have? Check out our WoodLab workshop materials guide where we list what nailers we have, as well as links to where you can buy nails that fit these guns
Do you provide wood glue and screws so I can make my project? No, those are considered consumables and you have to supply your own. Please see our Materials Guide for more information.
Is there safety equipment for me to use? Yes, we provide eye protection and ear protection.