Here are some common issues and resolutions that may help.

Common Issues

Vinyl Cutter issues and resolutions.
Problem Resolution
Cutter is running very slow. If you look at the LCD, the top of the readout is the speed in mm/s. If it is at 100, someone accidentally hit the down arrow and set the speed very slow. Ideal speed is 300 mm/s and 80 to 100 grams of pressure. Try hitting the up arrow to increase the speed.
The cutter performs erratically during cuts, stops cutting before the cut is finished, or cuts lines that do not appear in the design. Some computers do not work well when connected via the USB port of the cutters. If you are having problems while cutting and are using the USB cable to connect from your cutter to computer, you may wish to try the serial cable connection to avoid further problems. If a serial cable connection is not available on your computer, you can try a third party USB to serial connector or a PCI card serial adapter for your computer.
After the first cut is made, subsequent cuts are made over the top of the original, or vinyl is fed backwards until it loses contact with the rollers. After a cut is made, you will need to reset the origin of the cutter. If the origin is not set again, the first origin will remain in the cutter and the cutter will return to this position before making any further cuts. To reset the origin; from the main screen of the cutter, press the Offline/Pause button on and then press the Origin button.
Cuts are jagged or inconsistent. The Blade may be dulled or damaged. Replace with a new blade and try again. Make sure that the blade can turn freely (by attempting to turn it with your fingers while the release button of the Blade Carriage is pressed). Adjust the blade depth of the Blade Carriage (See Blade Setup below) and Force setting on the cutter (manual, page 8) until you are getting solid, uniform cuts. Start with a blade depth of around 1/64th of an inch and a pressure setting of 100g and try an increased pressure setting before attempting to increase the blade depth.
Slashes are made across the vinyl from the blade movement during cutting. If the blade is protruding too far from the Blade Carriage then it can score and cut material during normal operations. If this is occurring, the blade needs to be adjusted so that it is protruding a minimal distance from the carriage.
Vinyl not feeding straight and the rightmost Pinch Roller will not move. Sometimes, during shipping or movement of the machine, the right pinch roller will become stuck on a screw located on the back of the machine. If this occurs and is affecting your cutting, press forcefully against the pinch roller until it becomes dislodged from its position. If needed, remove the screw to reposition the pinch roller in the desired position.
Cuts are warped and inconsistent. Sometimes, during shipping or movement of the machine, the Carriage Arm can be dislodged from its track. Make sure that the 2 white wheels behind the carriage arm are both resting securely on top of (not in front) of the track. If the wheels are not on the track, gently lift the carriage arm and press back until both wheels are resting on the track.
Issue not listed here Sorry. If you come up with a resolution, please update the wiki with the resolution.



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Setting Origin

To set the Origin of where the SC cutter will begin cutting from press the “Enter” button on “Local” while on the Home Screen using the “Select” button to highlight it if needed. This will enter the cutter into “Jog Mode” where the left and right arrows of the control pad adjust the position of the carriage and the up and down arrows advance and recreate the media via the feed rollers. Once you have your media and carriage in position press the “Select” button, while in the Local Screen, to move the cursor to “Current” then press “Enter” and the origin is set in the correct spot.