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 ====== Jason Brown ====== ====== Jason Brown ======
 ===== About ===== ===== About =====
-Jason is a co-founder of Chattlab and has been in the robot building community since 1992. He is generally insufferable and doesn't like most people Jeff is the exception - sometimes.+Jason is a co-founder of Chattlab and has been in the combat robot building community since 1992 and has served on the ChattLab board since inception. He has appeared on the TV show BattleBots with the robot Bombshell in 2016, 2018, and 2019. Jason's making experience consists of just a little of everything, woodworking, sewing, robotics, machining, 3d printing, welding, electronics, high voltage, pyrotechnics, programming, etc...
 ===== Accomplishments ===== ===== Accomplishments =====
 He married up.... He married up....