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 ^R6| |Tacks Brushes|Scissors|Dry Erase Markers|Aluminum Tape|Pens| ^R6| |Tacks Brushes|Scissors|Dry Erase Markers|Aluminum Tape|Pens|
 ^R7|Shims|Altoids Tins|T-bolts and Knobs| |Double Stick Tape|Color Markers| ^R7|Shims|Altoids Tins|T-bolts and Knobs| |Double Stick Tape|Color Markers|
-^R8|Sanding Disks|Sanding Pads|Silica Gell Pads| |Scotch Tape|Sharpies|+^R8|Sanding Disks|Sanding Pads|Silica Gel Packs| |Scotch Tape|Sharpies|
 ^R9| | |Easter Eggs|Tape|1/4" Heatshrink|HeatShrink Tubing| ^R9| | |Easter Eggs|Tape|1/4" Heatshrink|HeatShrink Tubing|
 ^R10| | | | |Electrical Tape| | ^R10| | | | |Electrical Tape| |